Softwin R&D

     SOFTWIN  is a company which is aware that its future development may be assured only by the growth of its Intellectual Property area. This objective can be accomplished by the systematic approach of R&D activities that will sustain for the near and distant future, its own production capacities in relation to the services that SOFTWIN is providing to its customers.Thus, the R&D activities performed by SOFTWIN have the following characteristics:

  • concentrating the efforts and the costs for the R&D activities, in order to be able to accomplish projects of a certain level
  • approaching the projects that stand the chance to be materialized by products which have market desirability
  • accomplishing new products and obtaining performances and substantial improvements for the existing products
  • increasing the value of the company, by patenting new systems and methods resulted from the R&D process
  • drawing new financing sources at the company and division level
  • taking part to national and international research programs

SOFTWIN’s R&D activities are focusing on 2 directions:



I. Biometry




     The researches in the domain of biometry performed by SOFTWIN are targeted towards the design, execution and implementation of a person authentication and identification system, based on the biometric characteristics of the holograph signature, obtained through a special device designed by SOFTWIN. The device extracts dynamic characteristics of the signature: speed, acceleration, pressure, the sequence of the signature elements. The system supports the settlement of one of the most critical security problems, namely the efficient and non-intrusive authentication of the individuals. The biometric systems are largely used for the authentication and identification of the individuals; wide range national and international projects are currently being developed on this theme.The main research objectives are the following:

  • Design and implementation of shape recognition algorithms
  • The execution of several IT authentication/identification systems, (an integrated hardware-software system consisting of: data collection device, data collection software driver and authentication/identification algorithms)
  • Performing tests for medium-large lots of subjects, in order to determine the accuracy level of the authentication/identification process performed by the system


II. Natural Language Processing




     The research activities regarding the processing of natural language within SOFTWIN are targeted towards the achievement of a set of information, tools, resources, framework systems and monolingual/multilingual applications, supporting the solution for the following problems: promoting the linguistic diversity in the information society, learning the language, improving the production volume in a multilingual and multicultural environment, consolidating the linguistic infrastructure and developing the digital content on the market.The central language in this multilingual framework is Romanian, which shall allow the consolidation of the bidirectional communication between the Romanian language and the other (European) languages.The main SOFTWIN research objectives in this domain are the following:

  • Defining the processes and structures which may be used as a base for the monolingual/multilingual knowledge resources
  • Creating NLP tools (Natural Language Processing) grouped in a framework allowing the creation, maintenance and usage of the multilingual knowledge resources
  • Creating knowledge, tools and specification bases which could be used to produce multilingual applications and resources for the Romanian language, and to assure the correspondence between Romanian and other (European) languages

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