Project presentations 

The BIOACS project is based on a preliminary phase of research, conducted în the Research and Development Department by the project coordinator. This started from a personal idea, protected by the „System and Methods of Acquisition, Analysis and Authentication of the Handwritten Signature” inventory brevet registered with No2005-00089 at OSIM, on national level, and by the “System and Methods of Acquisition, Analysis and Authentication of the Handwritten Signature” brevet registered with No (WO/2006/085783) at PCT on international level. The results obtained previously motivates the research extension with new targets proposed in this project.

The project “Biometric Sistem for acquisition and verification of dynamic signature” (BIOACS) is financed by the National Plan of Research, Development and Innovation for the period 2007-2013 – PN II, Innovation program - Module 1.

The contract authority of this project is The Managing Agency of Science Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer - Politehnica (AMCSIT Bucharest).

The biometrical technologies researched and developed on an international level – from which we indicate: scanning and graphics analysis of the fingerprint, the analysis of spectral models of finger or hand, iris scanning, retinal scanning, scanning and static analysis of the signature, acquisition and dynamic analysis of the signature, voice analysis, face’s 2D and 3D images analysis, etc. – is materialized like a large gamma of systems, devices and biometric applications. The use of this technologies în a more general frame and în conjunction with non biometric procedures of identification / authentication (password, PIN, access cards) offers complete solutions of authentication for reducing the unauthorized access risk (physical and virtual). Each mentioned technology offers advantages and disadvantaged for both human user and organization that implements the biometric solution.

The holographic signature, like the human voice or any other human actions, constitutes, from biometrical point of view, the studied object of behavioural biometry. Unlike physiologic biometry (iris scanning, fingerprint, retinal, AND etc), the authentication with holographic signature is non intrusive. Because of this property, the signature continues to be used from centuries în human society like a way of authentication. For the same reason it is estimated that the developed device should be easy easily accepted as a link în the chain of systems and methods used for authenticating and securing the physical or virtual access.

Another essential property of behavioural biometry based on the dynamic analysis of the holographic signature is the will and the integrity of the person is needed for creating acceptable and useful data.

Tracing the development stages of the BIOACS project creates the premises of developing a complex hardware/ software product, superior to the one obtained through the referred brevet, important by its utility în the behavioural biometry.

The biometric system for signature acfquifsition and verification which will be developed, will contain hardware and software modules unitary integrated by conception and development principles în the following manner:

  • peripheral device for capturing and transmitting biosignals specific to the kinetics associated with the handwritten signature. The design for the peripheral capturing device will be multimodal and will include the acquisition of 2D graphic shapes and  instant spatial accelerations associated with the handwritten signature, infflicted by the user to the writing instrument
  • modular software system for processing, analysis and decision. It consists of: data acquisition module (capable of detecting and isolating the segments corresponding to the handwritten signature), user management module (which allows storage / archiving of unprocessed signals) and separated modules for processing / comparison / decision over behavioral biometric data associated with the handwritten signature.


  • Accomplishing an experimental informatics system for authentication, hardware and software integrated, made of: a holographic signature acquisition device, software modules for acquisition/data store, modules for signal processing, for signature segments detection, signature filter, algorithms/ methods/ schemes for authentication.
  • Accomplishing a pilot test for the obtained prototypes on a representative set of human subjects for establishing the accuracy level of the authentication made by the system using the result specific indicators. A biometric signature database is a secondary result of the test, which can be used as a reference for experimenting all variants of decision schemes and developed SRA algorithms. We mentioned before that a first selection of this algorithms variants may be done in the step of applicative research, after the acquisition of a first base (internal test) which presumes only the existence of a device and the acquisition and store software modules. 
  • Defining and evaluating the future resfearch and development directions of the project knowing the future evolution of science and technology (for example in the MEMS technologies domain), and Using the technologies developed in the BIOACS project, the technical analyses and market studies/forecast done in the last phase of the project, we may advance to the next phase -Competitive Technological Development – to obtain products/ applications with utility in specific domains which need biometric authentication. 

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