Expected results

The main outcome of the project is the development of an experimental model for automatic recognition of infant language system. To achieve this, the entire research and development process will be performed by: developing new approach methodologies, improving existent techniques, design, experimental achievement and testing/validation. Due to the large experience of the Coordinator, SOFTWIN being an industry leader in Romania regarding IT systems, the obtained results can be applied directly in the economy, meeting a more and more varied market request.
The development of innovative algorithms (starting from adapting and optimizing, for the infants’ language, the algorithms property of SOFTWIN for signal processing and pattern recognition) will significantly contribute to the diversification of the innovative services offer and will increase the quality of the existent systems, both nationally and internationally.
The outcomes will be exploited also from a scientific point of view through inventions patent applications, national and international publications, media promotion as well as maintaining an updated website where will be presented the results obtained.
The main technical outcomes are the following:

  • API (Application Programming Interface) for automatic recognition of the infant language upon which applications can be developed on personal computers and smartphones, exclusively destined for the purpose described above;
  • tool for collecting sound signals corresponding to infants language;
  • labelled testing database consisting of the cries of the infants for different categories of information, which can be used further on within other research activities;
  • experimental software model which will integrate the API for automatic recognition developed within the project.

Besides these technical results, there are also the theoretical outcomes:

  • correspondence between the sequences of sounds made by the infant and his/her needs;
  • infant language recognition methods (algorithms).

Furthermore, by developing this research project, the following outcomes will be seen at a global scientific level:

  • high scientific level publications at well known conferences from abroad and in national and international magazines;
  • national/international patent applications;
  • press releases about this new research and development core from our country, as well as about the synchronization of industrial development with scientific research.

On the economic level the main outcomes will be:

  • economical support of the research and development of new innovative technologies;
  • diversifying the services offer of the Coordinator, SOFTWIN;
  • alignment with the international standards of the resulted products.

Other outcomes are the contribution to the orientation of the fundamental research in the field towards economic interest applications, the increase of the gross domestic product by commercializing the technology achieved within the Coordinator, a company with a high economic potential and an industrial leader in Romania in integrated IT solutions.


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